May 26th, 2010

Macbeth the Usurper

Hers Truly and the Little Blue Tub

Here's the Little Blue Bathtub Story:

Once upon a time, when you were a tiny, tiny baby, you didn't use the big bathtub. You took a bath in a a little blue tub. I put the little blue tub in the big white tub, then I filled it up. I then put you in and held you up so that she would not slip under the water.

You loved playing in the water. You especially liked playing with the washcloth, and you always tried to suck the water out of it. You also liked getting her hair washed. You would giggle and giggle when I washed her hair.

After bath, I would wrap you up in a towel, put a diaper and pajamas on you, then hand you over to mom. Then, she would nurse you to sleep and put you in your crib.

As you got bigger, you learned how to move around. You got curious. You loved learning about new things. You loved seeing the spigot at the other end of the tub. You tried to eat the spigot over and over again. You did her best to eat that spigot. You must have thought it tasted pretty good. Can you believe that?

Well, one day, you got so big that your foot got stuck in the the little blue tub. That's when I knew that you had gotten too big for the little blue tub. The next night, we not use the little blue tub. Instead, I filled up the big white tub, and you have been using that ever since.