December 16th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

Alice in Wonderland

Ah, the new Disney Alice in Wonderland. Now that I've seen the full trailer, I am even less eager to see it than before. It will be amusing enough, I suppose, in that tedious way that modern films are amusing. Pretty graphics, though. Is that a complement or an insult for a film? Yes, definitely pretty graphics.
Macbeth the Usurper

Pot Luck Relocated

Pot Luck relocated itself last night to a upscale Tex-Mex place. Plaza Azteca, I think. Yummy goodness.

I must say, the margaritas were strong there. Jenny was utterly swimming after half-a-glass. However, it was not as bad as the time at Timpano's when I had the single martini that laid me out for the Friday's mojito that put me a few sheets to the wind.

When it comes to drinking, we are such lightweights.

Jenny's half-brother Mark was in town winning himself a fellowship in DC. Go Mark! Our only task now is figuring out how to make him babysit as often as possible. (Yeah, we're selfish that way.)

Macbeth the Usurper

What Not to Get Dad for Christmas

Now that I have a daughter, I'm in line for those Christmas and Father's Day gifts that threaten every father.

I've set down a few rules for presents. I don't want electronics for presents. Yes, I know that kills many male gifts, but those are not what I want. I don't like what that represents. I also don't want cookout equipment. Nor sports stuff (although I am in no danger of that).

So, what do you get a man who doesn't want anything? That's a good question, and not one that I can really help too much. I buy myself the little things and save up for the big ones. Often, I just want a token. Or nothing. I know that nothing sounds funny, but to be honest, I have to store any present that I get, and that just annoys me.

Buying for me is such the no-win scenario.

One of the few areas that are wins are areas where I do actually buy and store (err, collect) things. I'll always take new dinosaur books, or nice copies of literature, or even interesting books.

Of course, I will soon be getting hand- made presents by Hers Truly, and I'll be tickled pink.