November 24th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


Happy birthday, Origin of Species.

Hers Truly keeps showing new behaviors. They're normal among adults, but they are both surprising and astonishingly cute from a toddler. Her new favorite toy is her stuffed-animal kitten. This morning, she was slamming back in the rocker, saying, "You know better than that." I told her, "And the kitten knows better than that." She then looks at the kitten and tells it, "You know better than that."

Hers Truly has also been doing so much better at potty. To review, last January, we had potty training meltdown and had to start over from the beginning. This summer, we achieved pee breakthrough. We are finally getting there with the poop. She is finally not panicking over the prospect, sitting through it, and claiming her reward donut hole and sticker. Even her external musings now support, "It's good to poop on the potty." The last few mornings, she has seen the whole process through on her own. * phew *

May we never get a setback like that again.

Meanwhile, the cat has been dealing with these gray and rainy days. Last night, he decided to sleep under the sheets, which he never does. He stayed there for hours.

The novel has drifted back up to 63k. I was down at 59k just a few weeks ago. At this rate, I won't wrap up this draft until February. I had hoped to turn this draft around far faster, but that just isn't going to happen. Just the restructuring, the text fixed caused by restructuring, and the restructured end sucked down three months.
Macbeth the Usurper

Dance Tunes

You'd think that setting up a channel on Pandora to listen to contra dance tunes would be easy, wouldn't you?

Pandora really can't tell the difference between contra and country, likes throwing in contemplative piano pieces as well, and generally doesn't get this idea of "repetitive dance tune."

I like the contra dance tunes for work as I can tune them out while listening to them. Perhaps its better to say that they don't crash my ability to work while I'm working.