November 23rd, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Wrap

The in-laws came down over the weekend and much good eating was had. Yum. Hers Truly had grandma read her to bed twice over the weekend. Both parents got kicked out.

Hers Truly's story du jour is "The Cat Who Walks By Himself." She also now has a stuffed cat, and she has named her Jojo. (I once had a Raggedy Andy called Jojo, so this makes my daddy heart proud.)

I think that I am finally through replotting the novel. Again. Now I'm back to polishing work.+

The book du jour remains "All the King's Men." Reading is slow.

The D&D game actually happened, and all went well. The party utterly failed to kill itself, which is a first. Even better, we wrapped up a bit early, and I escaped Baltimore before the Ravens game let out, letting me avoid the awful slog.

The lawn finally got mowed, so I'm getting caught up with the autumn chores. Now, I just need to get the leaves all composted.

For my little NaNo writers out there: you've got seven days left. If you haven't panicked yet, this is a good time to start.