November 19th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


First, congrats on NaNo writers who have now surpassed 30k words.

I finally got the new impeller onto my leaf sucker. It came off with a single bolt and was fairly painless to change. Much of the massive leaf pile has been chomped up.

I keep forgetting to mention some of Hers Truly's speech oddities. She pronounces "yellow" as "yawllow." Sometimes, she switches "d" and 't" as sometimes I do. Baltimorons use "d" for "t" in many places. However, "datty" for "daddy" is not one of those places.

Joy has been running about with a blanket claiming to be a bat, saying "Bats Bats. Fire. Fire. Panic." The goal is to have her saying "Bat. Bats! I'm on fire. I'M ON FIRE! PANIC!!!" [It's an in-joke, folks.]

I finished out ye-new Thomas Covenent novel. To by utter disgusts, I can summarize the book in three words. I don't even care if I spoil it for you. Linden resurrects Covenant. Yes, that's it. It took that bastard 350k words to tell me that.

In response, I'll be finally be rereading "All the King's Men." In college, I called that book the best book that I have ever read. Let's see if that holds up. I was going to read a Jack Keroac, but the one that I found doesn't have the cadence of the "On the Road." I really, really, quite specifically, want the cadence for that particular book.

Writing has been slow. I keep forgetting where I've been editing.