November 9th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


First off, if anyone out there wants to get on the Christmas Card list, drop me an email with the info.

Friday night was BBQ. Jenny and I shared a rib order and couldn't finish it. We are such bad Americans.

Saturday went well. The highlight for Joy was seeing the train pass by at the Farmer's Market. There were even lights that flashes and clanged.

Also great fun was leaf raking. Hers Truly duly threw herself into all piles.

We were in the middle of mulching leaves when the leaf-sucker broke. A impeller blade broke, rendering the thing useless. Part ordered.

Sunday should have been a D&D game, but was cancelled due to a critical mass of player outages. Instead, I raked more leaves, discovering that big plastic lids that cover sandboxes make for terrific leaf scoops.

The un-fun part of the weekend was getting a milk-headache from a tootsie-roll. They contain evaporated milk and whey. Milk is bad. Whey is milk on steroids.

To top it all off, the washer broke mid-load. $200.