November 2nd, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

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Hers Truly slept impressively last night. She did not nap at all yesterday, then stayed up late last night. This morning, she slept clear past her "normal" bedtime, to wake up just before I went to work. SCORE!!! With DST over, she should now be fairly adjusted to the new time schedule.

On Friday, Hers Truly went up to visit the grandparents, thanks to my sister. She had a good time visiting, and mom bought her some Matchbox airplanes. This delighted Hers Truly to no end.

On Saturday, Vanessa and clan came down to visit us. Much good visiting happened, along with much distress as the boys played with Joy's airplane. We also had a rather dramatic incident after we left our local park: Hers Truly had a full-blown, stamping feet, hysterical fit because she did not want to leave the park. That took a long time to wind out of. In the end, I walked her back, let her look at the fire hydrant, then let her wade through each pile of leaves.

I took an opportunity to upgrade Ubuntu during naptime. At first, the upgrade seemed flawless. Then, the sound was out and video playback was weird. The video playback turned out to be a bad hue setting, which I can't keep fixed, and the sound had something to do with a setting not being updated during upgrade.

I carved a pumpkin into an airplane. (Photos not yet uploaded.) Hers Truly was absolutely delighted with it, immediately putting her toy people into the plane, then asking that I turn the other pumpkin into a plane, and turning the persimmons into little planes.

Trick-or-treat went well. Hers Truly wasn't too thrilled at first, but once she got that people were GIVING HER CANDY, she was ALL IN. This year, I could fool her and tell her that we had been to all the houses, by which time she had already eaten every lollypop out of her bucket. Meanwhile, the cat followed us for half the trip. He would hide when we went to a door, then came back and escorted us more.

Hers Truly wore her fairy costume that Jen made back in the spring.

On Sunday, I hauled shed stuff to the dump. Yay. I also noted that I had some new paint peeling on the shed, so the shed needs more repair. Boo. Maybe I'll get a dry weekend to work on it?

On Sunday night, we forgot dinner over at Liz and Phil's, so we hauled out and went over there where they served us very nicely. Unfortunately, we then had a potty emergency, so I took Hers Truly home. We then had bath, and she watched Bang Bang Bang about ten times. ("Bing Bang (Time to Dance)" from Lazytown.)

To continue this week's whirlwind, Jenny's dad is in town today, so we'll have dinner with him.

Hopefully we settled back down on our evening routines. That would be nice.
Macbeth the Usurper


First off, congratulations to all those doing nano-write month. * Thumbs Up *

I'm going to give you some unsolicited advice for producing your work. I've been working on my particular novel now for a few years, and I think that I have something useful to contribute.
  1. You need to say no to things in your life. This is now among your top priorities. Treat it that way. Don't be shy. Just say, "I have a novel due by Nov. 30. I'll be available after that."
  2. You have lots of time. The problem is that you have FINITE time, so you accomplish your priorities or those things that are the most interesting. (I wrote 60k words between 6:10am and 6:40am, 5 days a week, in 8 months. When I say that you need to make it a priority to write, I meant it.)
  3. When writing, you get stuck. You don't have time to get stuck. Don't be a stickler for perfect. "John pulls a plot device out of his head and they solve the problem." Solve your problems LATER.
  4. You are always writing. I get my best writing done while my daughter plays in the leaves. Work out stuff when you aren't typing, and implement your ideas when you do type. Implementing and typing at the same time slows you down.
  5. If you get stuck, jump ahead in the plot. There are usually things that you want there. Once you know what is there, you have cool stuff to write towards. That's fun.
  6. You WILL get bored and disinterested in your writing. Writing a novel is an act of will. There are times when you just slam your head into a wall.
  7. All times are not equal. You are more productive some times than others. Figure out your productive times.
  8. Getting stuck usually means that you are missing something. Once you find something good to put there, the problem gets solved.
  9. Discipline is everything. You * WILL * find excuses to not write.
  10. When in doubt, describe the weather. There's nothing like a good digression for spewing out words.