October 15th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

Catching Up with Hers Truly

Hers Truly saw Totoro for the first time this weekend. She pretty much loves it, as she ought. Fortunately, I happen to have on my shelf some picture-book retellings of Miyazaki's early works, including Totoro. She will sit through the entire telling of Totoro because she is so fascinated.

She is still watching Wiggles. I've been able to switched from watching videos to watching the actual video, with the Wiggles talking. Joy was absolutely agog with the Captain playinig hide-and-go-seek, and tell us how Greg Wiggls is a statue, Jeff Wiggle is a scarecrow, Murry is behind the bushy, and they found Anthony.

Meanwhile, Hers Truly has a cough that keeps on coughing.

Both preschool and ballet keep going well. Hers Truly has become very comfortable with other people.

I saw Xpioti and her clan on Monday. Great seeing them!!! Hers Truly got very defensive of her favorite toys. First she got jealous of her cars, then she got jealous of her noodle (magna doodle), then she decided that daddy was at risk, so she climbed up on my lap and camped there for the remaining visit lest anyone else claim my lap.

I lost Hers Truly's red car on Saturday. I pushed her up to the pharmacy in the car, and by the time that we had come back out, someone had swiped the red car. Damned Ecuadorans. I walked around, but I saw the car nowhere. It might turn up, but I doubt it. Who would take a kiddie car? Pisses me off. I am also very humbled by losing my daughter's 2nd favorite vehicle. (Her first favorite vehicle is my white Subaru wagon.)

Hers Truly had something click on, and now uses "is like" correctly. "It's like a rocket." Play has taken on a new character.

Maybe good things are traded. While I was in the store, Joy picked out a jet plane for herself (Boeing 747). That jet plane is mighty well loved now.
Macbeth the Usurper

25th High School Reunion

We had our 25th high school reunion over the weekend up in Cheeseburger in Paradise, up in Pasedena.

For those in the know, finding a social spot in AA counter can be a challenge. It's a nice place to live, but not the social hotspot of the state. This place turned out pretty well, as we had a nice little side-area to gather. Unfortunately, it wasn't really big enough as a side area, so things did get crowded.

The stupid, stupid, stupid mistake was to hire a band. Why do you hire a band during a talking event? I have no clue. Once the band kicked in, I couldn't hear a damned thing and my ears rang for a day. (Good band, though.)

Honestly, the best part was hanging with Michelle and Cybelle in the foyer. I adore those two. They both graduated early, and I damned well missed them in my senior year. I never get enough time to hang with both. Michelle is starting to write freelance articles, and Cybelle scratches out a living through theater and miming. (And Cybele really looks gorgeous in those clunky glasses of hers.) We all used to be in the literary-geek hood together, working on the school's Nebula literary magazine, with weekly meetings held in Mr. Shipley's room.

Click on the pic to go to the gallery of my getting-old no-good cohorts.