September 22nd, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


We had a full weekend. Nothing much happened on Saturday, except a long excursion to the park.

On Sunday, we went up to Carol's house for this year's crabfest. (A bushel cost us $240.) Many crabs were eaten. Hers Truly was not enthused with the crabs, but was quite enthused with a toy biplane.

On Monday, Hers Truly had her first class trip. We all went to the apple orchard. We visited the animals, took a hayride, and picked apples. I took along my camera, as I volunteered to be one of the school's historians this year. (Our school is a co-op. You must pick a job.)

After all that, a cold caught me and a crashed.

Interestingly, just as I was going to sleep, I  heard three transformers blow, with about 10-15 second between each pop. I have no idea when power was restored.