August 17th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


The weekend went well enough. We enjoyed some fine Indian food near Rockville. Afterwards, we took an obligory visit to the shopping center fountain. Someone had poured soap suds into it. Joy enjoyed the soap suds.

On Saturday, we went up to the county fair. We got there when it had just opened. The rides were going yet. We went over to look at the animals. We saw some goats and sheeps and one alpaca. The rabbit house wasn't open as they were being judged. We enjoyed jelly sandwiches on a bench by dictatorial command, then had some ice cream.

In the evening, I had a short gig doing some head shots. Now I need to actually force my ass down to edit the images.

On Sunday, I worked on the shed door. I drew up plans (with crayon, no less), sanded some boards, and got the panels sawed out. I now need to assemble the door.
Macbeth the Usurper

Red Dwarf

I finally wrapped up Red Dwarf, beginning to end, including "Back to Earth."

I found enjoyable things in every season, as well as annoying things in all seasons. If I was a film scholar, I'd have fun writing about the series. All of its self-reinvention and continuous premise changes makes the series MORE engaging to me, rather than less.

I would like to write the paper, "The Final Frontier of Toilet Humor: Kachanski on Red Dwarf."

Folk that know me know that I tend to NOT have very strong opinions about shows. The same holds true for this one. I enjoyed it, and I'd love to have a good argument about it over a lager or two, but I don't feel strongly about the show itself. It is what it is.

It was a good ride and I am glad that I was finally able to see the whole thing through.