August 2nd, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


I would like to say that the family is currently ruled by a benevolent dictator, but in actuality, we are ruled by a benevolent filibuster. We are constantly told, "No this" or "No That."

Hers Truly says, "No Singing. No Singing." Thus, you are to stop singing. If you ignore her too much, she works herself into a tizzy and melts down.

The current video on ultra-high rotation is the Dancing Prince and Snowflakes from the Nutcracker. For each, she needs the proper dress. During the Dancing Prince, she wants to wear her white dress, which is a flower girl dress bought for dirt cheap. During the Snowflakes, she must wear the tutu.

Videos usually degenerate into playing in the bed. "Make a tent" is her latest order.

She continues to love picture searches on the basement computer. I've pulled up a chair so that she can have her own chair, and she sometimes uses it. Usually, she just crawls on me. After a while, she wanders about, gets her favorite red hat, or plays with the marbles from the chinese checkers board.

Now that she is getting used to videos, she will cut herself off when getting bored. Sometimes, we go out to play in the car or actually go to the park.