June 12th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

Car Radio

The new car radio arrived, got assembled, wires got crimped, and the whole kit go shoved into the car. With due diligence, I lost screw in the disassembly/assembly of the car console, which I always do. (It's a tradition.)

The thing worked on the first go! I did have to do the fitting a few times, though, as the test fitting went poorly. After sliding the unit back another notch in the holder, everything reassembled well. I even remembered to plug the cigarette lighter back in.

All basic tests worked. Yay.

I've been figuring out lots, fairly quickly. The main improvement of the new unit is that the volume control is a dial. Yay. I've missed dials. The only thing that I can't do right now is set the time on the clock.

The HD seems to work quite well in the area. No issues yet.

I was able to get a good listen to the new front speakers. Yes, they really do suck. I need to save up for some three-way speakers. Maybe I'll even get brave and put in a sub (or maybe not). We'll see how my money goes. The car has lots of road noise these days, so there's only so much fidelity that you'll get while moving along.