May 25th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

Waiting for the CRASH

We just got back from New York. I'm waiting for the caffeine to turn off and them I'm crashing like nobody's business.

We drove up Friday night and arrived late, arriving at Jenny's mom's house. Hers Truly did not sleep much for the first half of the trip.

The trip had two goals: visit the grandparents and Coraline.

I'll skip the grandparent visit. There was one.

Jenny and I took the train into New York to see the stage version of Coraline. Disclaimer: The state version of Coraline has nothing in common with the Tim Burton film. It is  a musical based on the same work; the Gaiman novel. The whole staging was small, off-Broadway, and generally experimental telling of the tale: one set dominated by pianos, five actors, and a keyboardist. All actors beside Coraline's tripled up on parts. A 50's something woman played Coraline. In general, they made it work.

What caught my attention about the shows was the composer, Stephen Merritt, whose work I considerably enjoy (usually).