May 20th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper

Mowing the Lawn

I love push reel lawnmowers. With it, my daughter could help me mow the lawn. She just slipped in under my arms and pushed as I pushed. I had no fear of her getting hurt. She would push until we passed sandbox, then get distracted. She would then come running over saying "You push it! You push it!" (Yes, she still mixes up YOU and I.)

Joy's cooperative daycare works in a fun way. They hire teachers to run the classes, but almost everything else is run by the parents, up to the budgeting, the accounting, and the leadership. This makes me think that more schools should be run this way. That naturally leads to all kind of wonderful ideas about cooperative support of schools. Then it runs into INSURANCE. Fear of lawsuits and the expense of insurance drives too many institutions to say, "No, you can't."

The new <i>Monster Manual 2</i> arrived in my grubby hands yesterday. Lots of good stuff there. Good to see some old "friends", such as the giant ants, rust monsters, and Dagon.

The writing continues. I'm now up to 42k words. I should wrap up this chapter soon.