May 10th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


Yesterday was a productive enough day.

In housework, I cleaned the kitchen and did some cleaning of the living room. We did the laundry. I did some cleanup on the porch.

Jen's dad was in town, so we met him a La Tomat in Dupont Circle. A little girl visited her grandpa. I found out that Italian food has so much dairy that it hurts. I did find something without dairy.

The little girl needed two diapers for the trip, but we only had one. That was misery. Fortunately, she is now unhappy with a full diaper, which is good, because she tells us and we can do something about it. Being unhappy about the results is one more step onto potty training.

The girl was no-nap girl after our trip to DC, so I watched her while Jenny scrambled out to write for a few hours.

Today, I'll try to wedge in a little lawn mowing. The weather is looking clear, so I don't need to panic and MOW MOW MOW right now.