February 27th, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


We keep a chair next to the little girl's crib. It began its life as a shelf/table for the rocking chair.

These days, it has morphed into a stepladder for the girl. In the morning, we lower the side of the crib and let her stay in there as long as she feels. Her only demand is that we put the string back on her balloon. Eventually, she climbs out and joins us. During the day, she climbs in and plays when she wants.

At one time, we had a folding chair. Recently, the folder chair folded a little on the girl, causing her great woe. Fortunately, my sister has lent us some non-folding chairs, so we now have a non-attack chair in its place.

The crib gives access to the shelves above, as well as provides excuses to climb. She uses the canopy to walk the edges of the lowered side.

In the evening, she is put to bed in her crib with her Jaguar, her water, and a balloon.
Macbeth the Usurper


I relented and created a Facebook account.

Facebook is not accessible from work, so don't expect anything timely from it.

On first impression, I find Facebook is noisy, and gives the illusion of connectedness. Get enough people with your fiends, and it feels like the buzz in a room.

At the moment, I far prefer LJ.

I'll reserve Facebook for people from the material world. I don't remember who else used that as their controlling factor for FB, but I like it, so I'm adopting it.

I'll be insecure and add anyone who wants, just to prove that I have friends and that people actually like me.
Macbeth the Usurper

Valentine's Day

Tonight is Valentine's Day observed, which has been bounced around like a basketball.

It should have been last week, but the sitter cancelled at the last minute. This week, try #2. We'll be going to the Inn at Brookeville, in Olney.