February 22nd, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


I couldn't sleep, so I watched the next BSG instead.

We went up to my neice's first birthday party yesterday. It was highly successful. Hers Truly was very well behaved, and charmed many.

It was interesting comparing Hers Truly to The Niece at the same age. Hers Truly had far more hair. She was also signing quite a deal. I would also say that she was far more interactive with the people around her. I think the biggest difference was the the niece is still baby-like in her proportions, where Hers Truly lost those pounds earlier on and looked more toddler like.

Language is one of those things that Hers Truly lives on the forward edge. This weekend, we got many more observations that she has a very good vocabulary.

Straws still escape her. She can use a straw on a sealed cup, but if you give her a paper straw, she bites it and can't make it work. No, that makes no sense.

The girl finally figured out that she can drag the stool to a different room to access high things. *Sigh* Mommy was on my laptop, and Joy wanted to be there with her, so she brought in the stool to the high place where I keep the laptop. After being there for several minutes, she realized that her nunnies (pacifiers) were right there, in the drawer. So, certain strategic objects have been moved even higher.

She is not allowed to self-service nunnies. Or as she says, "no service nunnies."
Macbeth the Usurper


Today, as the girl napped, I took the opportunity to nap as well. When the cat saw me on the bed,he leaped with great enthusiasm to nap on me. I can think of no other creature besides a cat that "napping, leaping, and enthusiasm" go together without natural contradiction.

Hers Truly sometimes calls me "Daddy Cat." This follows a long-standing habit of my wife, who refers to us as mommy-cat and daddy-cat. We look after our little guy. Our little guy responds by looking favorably upon us in general, and myself in particular. I do not know what thing I should do to be higher in that cat's esteem. I truly am his Daddy Cat.

When other cats come into the yard, I take it upon myself to shoo them away. This demonstrates the basic feline tactic of "having a bigger friend than you don't," It is a very good tactic indeed. Other cats are afraid of your monkeys, giving you unrivaled control of a territory, unless the ungrateful wretches allow another cat in.

After I drive off the interloper, Squirrel usually comes out of hiding.

The little guy and the little girl are still asleep. I'm folding laundry. Jenny has run off to write.
Macbeth the Usurper

The Work

The book still poke along. I started on Chapter 4, but had issues writing it. That usually means that something is wrong. I eventually concluded that chapter 4 needed to be chapter 5, and a new chapter 4 written. That was the correct decision. I had left too much unsaid on the table. The book has become a very social work, and the more that you understand the intractable nature of the issues before my protagonist, the better. (I use protagonist because I can't spell heroine correctly. Heroin or Heroine? I can butcher that distinction with the best of em.)
Macbeth the Usurper

Cat in the Cradle

The cat has gone to sleep in the girl's crib. That means that he now accepts her. He's never done that before. (OR, there was too much laundry in the bed. You decide.)