January 22nd, 2009

Macbeth the Usurper


Hers Truly got herself a NEW CANOPY for her bed. She was sooo excited. Mom put it together, then we all sat under it. We put stars on it. Then, mom tied it to her crib, and she got HER OWN CANOPY. It even zippers up.

She feels SO SPECIAL. She loved it so much that she insisted on going into her crib and just being there.

I gave her a blanket so that she could play Back to Bed. She likes getting all cozy in the blanket.

(And so, we solve the issue of Hers Truly getting out of bed with great fanfare.)
Macbeth the Usurper


I broke down and bought a pair of Grado SR60 headphones.

Oh, that is much better!

This time, I took much longer finding a good set of phones. Most importantly, I wanted a set of phones that did not presuppose a certain sound. The old phones wanted to play up the treble and the bass. So, plopping "headphone audiophile" found me a good variety of headphones. (Do note that audiophile advice is something like slashdot advice. The outliers are pretty far out there.)

The new phones are incredibly even. More importantly, my ears don't rebel from using them. Yay. New headphones for watching BSG.

I have no idea what I'll do with the old ones.