December 5th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


Is it the weekend already? Have I been coughing for a week?

Hers Truly is really getting the hang of two-word combinations.

The word "sofa!" means come to the sofa and read to ME. I love sitting on the sofa with her. I put my feet up, drop her on my lap, and we just have a great time. I'll miss this one day.

I'm wrapping up the auctions. I have a run of Robotech items to shove out the door. The Robotech RPG books brough in $75. That sounds great, until you realize that the books cost me $108 + 5% Sales Tax back in 1988-92. So, no profit. Not surprisingly, Macross sold the best of all my comic runs. That sold for $25. Masters and New Generation sold for $3 each.

The lesson here is a fan-base lesson. Where something has a significant fan base, you get far better prices.

Next year, more stuff goes out the door. Daddy wants an 18-55mm IS.