November 28th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


Survived Thanksgiving. Yay.

The little girl was awful mom-and-dad centric during celebrations. That, and she had almost no sleep.

Mom got a pacemaker on Wednesday. She was discharged yesterday morning. Hopefully, mom feels better after this.
Macbeth the Usurper

What Breed is Squirrel

I think that I finally stumbled across a breed that matches Squirrel: Siberian. (I've already ruled out similar breeds, such as Norwegian Forest Cat, Main Coon, and Ragamuffin. They are close, but not the closest.)

Some of the pictures are uncanny.

If you look at Siberian Cat World, the cat on the page header has the same body form as Squirrel. That cat has a very distinctive swayback. Under the pics is a blue which reminds me of Squirrel. In another link, this is NOT MY CAT, but damn, I would swear that he is.

Other pictures do not look like Squirrel, mostly because people post kitten or adolescent pictures. You have to find the full grown torties to get the right look.

Squirrel has a blue tortie coloration.

"Siberian Cats are very personable and want to be near their owners. They will meet you at the door when you come home and explain their day to you. They love to sit in your lap and be groomed. A favorite pastime of one of mine is to find something and bring it to me for me to throw so they can play fetch. All types of toys intrigue them and they will play with just about anything. Another thing that mine are intrigued with is the moving cursor on the computer screen. You will need to shut the door of your computer room if you want to get any typing done. If you own a Siberian you will never be alone. They will watch TV with you, go to the restroom with you, try to take a shower or bath with you, and then go to bed with you. And if you are trying to do something, they will insist on helping. Reading a newspaper, book, or magazine is next to impossible. In some ways they are like Gypsies, if they like something, they will take it and play with it and in the process, it will be lost. I am still missing some jewelry that one of the cats decided was pretty. You can find toys and stolen items under every piece of furniture in my home."

Of note is the "takes five years to mature." Our little guy is almost four.

So now I can say, "Squirrel is a blue tortie siberian."