November 25th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


My thoughts on the novella have slowly changed.

What has become increasingly apparent to me is that a book is not a TV show. I know that sounds silly. It should be apparent. Yet, when I create, I create in my native medium, which is cinematics. It is how I've learned my stories from being a wee bairn to being a grown man. In our society, this is out default mode of storytelling.

When I thought of writing a novella that was more literate, I thought myself pretentious. Now, I am beginning to see the word "literate" differently. All pretension aside, a book is not a TV show. A book succeeds in a much different way. Its strengths lie in different areas. Up until this draft, I have been writing a screenplay, and not a novella. It has been conversations which have driven my storyline. Now that I realize that I am writing a book, how does that change things? 

How else do I realize this story?

Engaging in this central question is core to this new draft. It does not tell me what happens, or why, but it does tell me how I tell you about the places and circumstances of these happenings. That in turn has demanded a new skill of me: talking about things in such as way as to be interesting. That's hard.