November 16th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Gray and Wet

The weekend has been rather gray and wet so far.

We spent a little time over Liz and Phil's having brunch. She did real good. The girl chomped down big-time.

Jen was drug out to the symphony last night. I stayed in and watched Iron Man off of Amazon's new video-on-demand service.

Last week, I watched Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles off of Amazon. Not to praise myself, but I could have written a better script than that. Not to belittle the work too much, but the cat could have written a better script than that.

More stuff has hit eBay. I'm selling off V for Vendetta, the Ringworld RPG, and Arcana Evolved. The Ringworld RPG should bring in the highest price. For once, I happened to have bought something that went UP in value.