November 13th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


Now that it's NaNo month, I can be cool, like everyone else.

Writing has gotten harder. The little girl gets up a little after I do. Thankfully, Jenny grabs her and gives me time to write. I've also been grabbing some evening time.

I am rewriting the novella. Yes. Again. I'm tossing out about 15k words out of 18k. I'll be recycling words back in as I can. In good news, I finally identified one of the dead horses that I was whipping with a stick. That was the story. There wasn't one. I had developed so much, but the basic story was just a straightforward throw-boom story. The story went straight until it went boom, then all kinds of actions occurred in the boom. That is not the type of story that I am good at.

Mind you, the whole point of this exercise was to work at things that I am not good at. That has rewarded me greatly. I have made great strides. However, at some point, I must decide where this work rests. What is best for the novella? In this case, ripping it apart again would be better for it than trying to improve it where it stood.