November 3rd, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Time Change

The time changed, but the Hers Truly internal clock didn't. She got up "very early" yesterday and "very early" today. This time adjustment thing will be far more challenging this season, I think.

Jen had worked to adjust her schedule, but we adjusted in the wrong direction. Doh!

Yesterday wound up being a fricking long day. I hit the ground at full tilt at 6am and went until 11pm. With the time change, the day just felt extremely long.

I bagged seven bags of sticks. The stick pile is now gone. There are still sticks, but I'll wait until later in autumn when I have more sticks. There is a leaf collection coming up, but I don't have enough dropped leaves.

I spent the evening sorting through the comic books, just discovering what I had. Seven boxes of DC, five boxes of indies, and three boxes of Marvel. I also have a small pile of Disney. I had picked up the Disney thinking that it was collectable. I was right.

The novella is starting to read correctly. I've begun identifying places where the writing seems rushed or overly brief. When I fill those places in, it reads right. What I mean by right is that it reads like a reasonbly polished professional work.