October 24th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


Jenny's aunt and uncle visited while they were in town. Jenny cooked terrifically, as always, and we had a good visit.

Joy is now frequently putting two words together. "More" and "Bubbles" is the request at bathtime.

Bathtime has been getting hard without bubble bath. We did okay for almost 1.5 months. Eventually, she degenerated into standing in the bath and declaring "all done"  immediately.

This morning, I did not work on the novella at all. I can now take a rest. There are lots of places to tweak and polish, but I can rest.

Novel writing month is coming up. Should I? Maybe I will just plot the next novella. I've already started trying, and it has been tough to work out an adventure that is correct for the idiom. That is something that I have learned: how to think about plot and whether that plot is sustainable and interesting or not.

I am stuck on too many places in The War Chest, which may never see the light of day, but I am making better progress on The Haunted Forest. I can almost do HF, but the characters feel like the just run around too much. I'm all for making the life of heroes difficult, but a scenario where you run-run-run then succeed seems silly to me.

Partly, I just need to invent more setting to interact with. Once I add the right reagents, the story will begin having a self-sustaining energy.