October 11th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Cat Fight

The cat limped in this morning. Jenny whisked him away to the vet where he was diagnosed with a bite and given a ten day quarantine. Ouch. 10 days of stir-crazy cat is not good, but add in "keep away from his saliva just in case he has rabies" is not good. Fortunately, he is up on his shots and doesn't get a crazy-long-time quarantine.

He's boarding over at the vets for a few days. We wanted to consult with the doctor about this before he came home, but with the vet closing at 1pm, we had to make a fast decision.

Tomorrow we'll rearrange the basement to take the cat, then bring him back on Monday.

Meanwhile, my sister is moving back to DC. She'll be about 10-15 minutes away.
Macbeth the Usurper

Lost a Player

We lost one of our regular D&D group today due to conflicts. We don't know what this means yet. We'll talk about this tomorrow, I am sure.