October 4th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

New PC

The new PC is assembled and fired up. Yay.

Now I need to debug all the weirdness in the OS. Both Fedora and Ubuntu aren't loading the NVidia drivers correctly.

The box is still a bit noisy. I'll work on that. I went with the stock CPU cooler. If switching that out doesn't work well enough, I may need to take back the power supply and buy a more expensive (quiet) one.

The system runs VERY cool. I am pleased. I have not fully worked out how to optimize the motherboard nor tweak the fans down.

After this, I need a copy of OpenSUSE for the old PC. I already sold it to a co-worker. Daddy needs a new camera!

In real life newslets, we took the girl to the agricultural fair. Chasing hay-ride wagons was the best thing ever!!!