September 9th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


We now have a new roof. The last roof lasted all of 14 years before it began leaking and had other issues. $3k later, and we have a very pretty replacement.

Once again, the previous owner did a half-assed job on the house.

I caught up with Xpioti over the weekend. She's doing well. Her little guy is a cannonball! 20 lbs of fun!

I sorted through pictures to make the Granddaughter calendar for the grandparents. I now need to upload the pictures and get the things printed.

I have washed 1/2 the windows in the house.

Since the summer began, I have checked 70 items off my to-do list. I should change the name to my "Quest List." Reward: +100 xp!

The first eBay sale went out over the weekend. The second set of auctions is closing tonight. The broadband adapter is up to $56, and will likely rise much higher. I hope. Daddy needs a new PC!