August 3rd, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend So Far

The weekend has gone well so far. My parents came down yesterday to visit the sprat, and we went out to see the Dark Night.

Last night, we went to a jell-o wrestling party. We had to bail early, but not before the wife and I duked it in a grudge match. The wife won. She's the one who pulled all the dirty moves. (Go, Jen!) Her winning opportunity: I got laughing so hard my belly ached.

Hers Truly got into the jell-o, too. She did not want to leave. She caused far less havock in the jell-o than we presupposed.

I was also very "good" at the party. One person, who was starting his own photography business, showed me his pics. *uugh* But I was a good critic and kept my mouth shut.

Today, it's working about the house while the wife is at church. I've started with cleaning up sticks and pruning.