July 9th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


It's been odd watching Joy go through her obsessions. Each book, each experience, each thing becomes an obsession for her, and one that we must participate in.

For the last few month, going outside was DA BOMB! Best thing ever! Then, for no reason, outside goes from obsessively the best to just pretty good.

Books go in and out of demand fast. You read the same book over and over until you don't read it at all. Lately I've been reading One Fish, Two Fish a lot.

One of the side-affects of reading to the girl is that she sees the book right-side-up and will correct the orientation if presented incorrectly to her. She can do this even for a book she has never seen before.

A second side affect is that presenting the book to her right-side up means that I see it upside-down. My upside-down sight reading has improved. If you want to know how much, I was sight reading Fox In Sox last night, upside-down, and keeping up with the tongue twisters (until the tongue twisting won). I impressed the wife.
Macbeth the Usurper

Paid Off that Loan

I paid off the computer loan today. YAY. I finally had more money than the balance.

Paying off that balance every month was getting tough. The cost of gas money has been socking me. Scrapping up that $80 has been increasingly unreliable. I had to ask myself, did I want the cast on hand (just in case), or did I want the stress?

I dumped the stress.

So now my laptop is mine, and I don't have to squirrel away money like a crazed weasel.