May 26th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Accomplished

Saturday, we spent the morning doing morning stuff. In the afternoon, we ran off to a birthday party. We wound up being one day early. We let the kids play and generally had a good time visiting.

Sunday, we went up to my brother's for my great neice's naming ceremony. Much visiting and eating happened.

The cat was off his game Sunday. He was also off his game today. We took him to the emergency vet. (Ouch). He was running a fever. No other obvious problems. They put him onto antibiotics. His claws were torn up, so they think he may have had a close encounter with a car.

Joy played ALOT with the neighbors. She learned One-Two-Three-Jump. The little ferrett kept coming back for more. The neighbor's girl wore her out, leaving Joy to sleep like a lump this afternoon.

The 5-year old PC failed to reboot tonight. I'll let it cool down. It kept hanging up on the memory count. Ouch. If it doesn't come up, I need to get the data off the hard drives.