April 13th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Earliest Memory

My earliest memory has always been playing on the laundry room floor while mom worked on laundry.

This particular memory was not just a memory, it was a piece of awareness. I was aware of myself in a way that I had not been before. I was aware that I was aware, cliched as that may sound.

I have no idea how old I was then. My guess is between one and two, but I do not know.

I recall getting on my four-wheeled scooter and riding across our driveway, across the street to the neighbor's driveway, and back again. We lived at the end of a street, so this was very safe. On coming back across, I hit our driveway and the T-bar of the scoot came off. This distressed me.

My mother was over another person's house and I was down with the basement with other children. I saw adults go through the gate. There had to be some way through that gate. So, I went over to it and figured out how that latch worked. I went upstairs to my mother. The poor babysitter was beside herself. She was positive that she had locked that gate. She had no idea how I got out.

I remember the family watching Bowling for Dollars, What's My Line, and Truth or Consequences. Some were national programs, some were syndicated. After a thunderstorm, I eagerly went outside to playin the warm water that rushed of the streets and down the gutter. What fun!

My Aunt had us (Carol and myself) one day and took us bowling. I did not tell her that I had to pee, and when I wet myself, she was quite beside herself. I have no idea why I did not speak up. It was just one of those things that children do.

My sister squirted me with a hose. I ran. There are home movies of this, so my memory might be that of the movie.

I had a red wagon that I pulled about. I ran around the house with it. Just that, by itself, was great fun. Who wouldn't like it?

I remember pointing out dinosaurs in some book and liking them. My mother noted that and bought the National Geographic dinosaur books for me. I loved those things. I remember getting them. They were TERRIFIC.

In June, I at breakfast at the table, wanting to go outside.

Birthday presents were always just one or two presents. They were noteworthy, but not extraordinary.

Jimmy up the street had closets full of toys. The good trucks. I was envious. Jimmy moved away by the time I was five.
Macbeth the Usurper

Fantasy Novel Length

As I work on the novella, I remember shorter fantasy novels. Do I remember correctly?

Lord of Light - 302 pages. I recall this being a fairly long novel when I read it. Every novel out of Wizards of the Coast is now 310 pages.

Nine Princes in Amer - 172 page
Courts of Chaos - 142 pages
Fareinheit 451 - 208 pages
Riddle Master of Hed - 228 pages
Dragonflight - 320 pages
Elric of Melnibone - 192 page

So, it is not ENTIRELY true that fantasy and SF used to be shorter, but in general, so many well know SFF books from the 60's and 70's were much shorter than they are today.