March 4th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

4e Opinionating

Lots of 4e news came out over the weekend.

The best news to me? Flying and invisiblity have been pushed WAY UP in level. Cool. Thank God. I'll be happy to play a D&D game where the play actually happens on the ground.
Macbeth the Usurper

Hammering at Creativity

To help jump start my creativity in the Wikiworld setting, I've been pounding away at a story. Maybe a short story, maybe a novella. I wrote for two days then had to stop for two weeks as I pounded at the story, getting things to actuallyy work. I've only just started writing again.

My mad plan is working. In those two weeks, I had to figure out a whole lot.

I've got the first story arc plotted out.

While making breakfast this morning, I finally figured out a second story arc. A retreating company dumped its payroll while in enemy territory. It's up to our heroes to get it back.

So far, I have an introduction, a section grounding each character, a story arc, likely some more vignettes illustrating the characters, then another arc.

I need the vignettes to fill out the world a bit. That's where the real development is happening.

So far, the heroes are very fey, with a changeling, a dryad, and a Schan (a type of elf). The remaining ones are a dwarf, a wolf-like being, and a noblewoman from a the flying city. I tried my best to diversify this group in many ways, but in they fey-respect, I blew it. So, I may as well make lemonade and examine the diversity of fey in the wikiworld.