March 1st, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

In and About

On Thursday, we finally had our Valentines Day. We got a sitter and went down to Grapeseed after the baby was asleep.

I had an option to go to D&D Experience this weekend. I just was not up for it. I was in a "be at home" mood. Money is also a bit tight. Grapeseed wasn't cheap. Jen also has a birthday coming up, so that will be more cash.

I fixed my old iBook this morning. Its screen kept blanking. Opening up an iBook is a horrific experience. After I reassembled it, it worked (thank $DEITY), but I had ten screws left over that I could not figure out WHERE they went.

We have some folks coming over that we met the other weekend. Or not. We'll see if we can arrange a time.

The weekend is clear for once, so I've been hitting the yardwork. There's lots to clean up.