January 25th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Missing Exes

I'm getting into that time of year where I miss an ex-girlfriend again. Heather's birthday was Valentine's Day, so when that day comes around, I get reminded. Also come Valentine's Day, I find it a relationship-limiting-move to talk about ex-girlfriends, so I usually just forget.

I dated Heather back around 2000-1. All these years later, I still miss her. I miss that fun Heather who I used to ride around with. There was something about her that really filled a niche in my social sphere which had been empty for years, and which is still empty. It's that thing that kept me dating her. (Well, that and a yummy-yummy figure). It's that that I miss. When she was good company, she was grand company. That's why I dated her in the first place.