January 9th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper

Year in Review

It's a bit late, but here's my year in reviews.

* Became a father.
* Took off for 2 mos. paternity leave
* Catalogued many galaxies
* Puzzled with Puzzle Pirates for a while, but got tired of the click-fest
* Posted the d20 Modern SRD
* Replayed X-Com
* Ran a D&D game
* Flew to Florida and Texas. Took a vacation in Pennsylvania
* Weeded the yard (and that took 6 weeks!)
* Came down with a chronic disease
* Reorganized our finances
Macbeth the Usurper

Medical Update

I went to see the gastro doctor today. No conclusions! So, I get an upper edoscopy, and he'll go looking for trouble. if that doesn't turn up something firm, I get to swallow a pill-camera. If that doesn't turn up something firm, then I don't know what is next.