January 5th, 2008

Macbeth the Usurper


My father-in-law arranged a vacation in Florida. They have a time share, so they put us up for five days and took us to the fun sites.

We flew down on Sunday. On the flight down, the girl picked my new ear-buds out of my ear. Jenny caught my attention. When I turned back, the girl had a wire dangling from her mouth! I fished that earbud out fast!

We went to the following parks: Universal (both parks), Disneyworld, and Disney Quest.

Disney World was a madhouse. It was a sea of people. It was nothing but people. Getting on any ride was a problem.

We did ride "It's a small world." The little girl loved it. Even daddy loved it. The music may be coma-inducing, but the design-work of the actual ride was amazing. Whoever designed that ride designed a masterpiece.

The little girl had her first amusement park ride on a carousel. (She was unable to ride a horse because she had no shoes. It was a safety rule. How this was a safety rule for a 10-month old, I have no idea.) She also took a long dip in a heated pool. (That much water was intimidating).

The whole thing was a bit exhausting. All those crowded parks in a row was a bit much. Those parks are not worth it if they are ungodly crowded.

We flew back on Friday, waded through some rush-hour traffic, then got home. Yay home.