December 30th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Educational Toys

I've come to conclude that an "educational" toy is any toy that pretends to teach your 10 month old how to read.

What 10 month old is ready to read? She's only just gotten the link between saying "yay" and clapping her hands. That's terrific!

In my NOT SO HUMBLE opinion, an education toy is one that helps develop the child where the child is at the moment. Give it too early, and the toy makes no sense. Give it too late, and the toy has no impact. Have it at the right time, and the toy does marvelous things.

The thing here is, if the child doesn't have an object that fits the lesson, they go and find an object that fits the lesson. So most of the time, the child learns their lessons off the everyday objects in your house rather from the educational toys.

For example, the little girl is getting interested in the "putting things in" game. This is new. So she wants to find things and then put more things into those other things. What great fun! Every box is a things wanting more things!

And guess what? What? This is educational. It is just as educational as learning to count. There are thousands of things for my child to learn, and only one of them is the alphabet.

How will my child learn to read? Well maybe, just maybe, in a house with two lit geeks, that the child will have some chance to possibly, just possibly, learn about reading.