October 8th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Broadway Melody

One mystery to me is why I liked the Broadway sound. I knew that sound even before I started getting Broadway LP's out of the library. I could never figure out where the Hell I got that sound. My parents were big on Broadway. They did not introduce me to that sound. Pop radio played many sounds, but Broadway was only an occasional hit. My schoolteachers never played Broadway for me. So how did I get that early 70's Broadway sound stuck in my head?

Inadvertently, my friend Barb answered this question for me by showing use some old TV show. The one that grabbed me was the Electric Company. I remember watched that show. I liked watching that show. What I did not remember was that this show came out of New York, and the show was steeped in the Broadway sound.

So after all these years, the mystery is solved, and I now know where I got my ear for Broadway.