August 5th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper


Last night was a night of learning.

1. Learned that there were Jell-O wrestling parties. Visited one.
2. They make wrestling grade Jell-O.
3. You can open beer bottles with a lighter.
4. French beer exists.
5. They make CD cases with ejectors
6. You can use the fridge crisper to make Jell-O.
7. How you make 72 gallons of Jell-O without burning out your fridge.

Yes. Friends hosted a jello wrestlilng party. I hung out for a bit and watched people wrestle in jello. I then pumkinized, as early in the morning is still my wakeup time.

Did you know that I slept until 7am this morning. Oh, yeah. Better than sex.