August 4th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Wife Away

The wife is away. Weird. I came home to NO BABY DUTY.

The poor wife had a hard time getting the child to Pennsic. About 10 hours of a hard time. Babies sure do slow you down. The child ate through the entire milk stock. They should be there by now, having arrived at night. I am sure that many helpful hands emptied my wagon, set up her tent, and made her feel very loved.

As I sort through my CD's as a rip them, I find duplicates. Sometimes they sell for less than I bought them for, like Silverchair, which I bought for $2 and sells for less. Other things sell for more. Winter Hours cost me $2 and sells for $15 (in good condition) or more if it's new.

I'm off to ship the first one that I sold. I never liked At Home With Cherry Twister. It sold quickly. That's $6 more to my name.

I'm selling through Amazon. It's not necessarily quick, but I'm getting a much better price than the used CD place.

I plan to sell off my Gene Wolfe collection. That's a heap o' shelf space. We'll see what I can get for them. None of that is a huge amount of money, but taken together, that's more music for me.
Macbeth the Usurper

Cozy day at home

It's been lovely at home. Lovely.

I've taken the time to back-up my picture library. That was 16 gb of data. I've generally been straightening out my data. I sent of one sold CD.

My mission at home is to eat through the leftovers. This is a bit daunting. We've got many.

The cat has adapted to his wet food. He did not like the pork. He adores the chicken and the fish. At first, he wasn't too good at wet food, smushing it about then wondering where it was. Now that a week has gone by, he's learned to lick the plate somewhat clean.

I rewatched the Matrix last night. It's been a while. I don't think I've watched it since I was dating Christina. Wow. That's a while ago. Christina was very into the Matrix.

My beer-and-oatmeal plans may suffer a setback. We are out of oatmeal!!! I may need to go to the grocery store. Ohmygosh. Bachelors don't go to the grocery store (except to buy beer). I wonder if I can buy oatmeal over the internet? (That's dry humor, folks.)
Macbeth the Usurper

Steamy Ads

Just for laughts, I decided to loop up the "steamy ads". S*****, those women are expensive!!! Now I know why I never did that crap as a bachelor. Mucho mula!