July 10th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Possible HP Endings

Here are some possible HP endings:

1. The Sublime Ending - You feel satisfied. The whole series built towards this. The resolution can only be called sublime. Rowling wrapped up things nicely as she went.

2. The Obligatory Ending - Rowling said that she would end the series and it ended. It was a fair ending. There wasn't really anything inspired to it. It was more of a wrap-up than an ending.

3. The Unsatisfying Ending - Rowling ended the series, and boy-oh-boy, what a hollow experience this ending was.

4. The Confusing Ending - You understand what just happened, but what the hell happened?

5. The Trainwreck Ending - Did this woman just hire a drunk ghost-writer for this ending who never read an HP book? Where did this all come from? This isn't an ending.

6. The Series 2 Ending - Rowling ended the series, but so many things aren't resolved. When's the next book?

7. The Stuff-It-In Ending - Rowling stuffs the ending full of all kings of resolutions of all kinds of plot lines in a desperate attempt to wrap up everything, dragging the ending on for half the book, and somehow finding time to include the main character in that wrapup.

8. The Compound Ending - Pick two or more from the list.

Which ending will we see? I vote for #6 and #7.