June 30th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Voice Post

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“Hi there & night gentlemen, this is Ken(?) & Doug. You have successfully made Texas. We flew down 1st class. We worked out that miracle because we didn't bunk there before. And the very nice flight people had bought us pate. 1st class tickets down to Texas. Got down there late at night. ___ to see 1 of Jen's cousins. Now we are making our way to the Alamo & hopefully we'll have pictures to post. So the Alamo, then later today we wind up down at Aunt Anne's 80th birthday party, & a birthday dinner. I'll forward 1 of the battle ships that have no other restaurant on it. More details as that follows. For now that Joy is doing great, you find out that she sleeps very well on jet aeroplanes. In fact that's the best she's ever napped. I don't know how you are familiar to aeroplanes for the near future. We'll figure something out. Have a great day & night, gentle lad. Bye.”

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