May 31st, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

LJ Blowup

Looks like my reading of this whole foolish LJ thing (suspending journals) was right on the money. That is to say, everybody was acting like idiots.

LJ were fools for such a badly implemented policy. I agree with the basic policy. As publishers, they have an ethical responsibility for their publications. There are some sorts of speech which you can not remain neutral about. I don't blame them for that issue. Their bad implementation lead to a breach of trust, and that trust getting broke is a far larger issue.

Fandom showed themselves badly by taking personal offense and overreacting. C'mon folks. You are smart. You know that some of the topics you engage in are iffy. Enough of fandom works in the corporate environment to know how upper management can decide really stupid stuff that the rank and file knows is stupid. Put "iffy" topics together with "upper management", and it's a wonder this fiasco didn't happen sooner. It only takes one idiot.

It's easy to give LJ a red mark for this act. However, we forget just how many journals and communities that LJ hosts that are never interfered with. Never. Even with this snafu, they management is astoundingly hands-off and astoundingly in the corner of "free speech". Remember to give them green marks.

And also remember, friends do stupid things and sometimes you just have to forgive your friends.
Macbeth the Usurper

Baby Update

The baby fell asleep while nursing last night. Uneventful. No news to report.

The baby really likes sleeping in this weather. When we turned the heat off, the temperature of the house dipped below 70 at night. Joy started sleeping like a rock. She dropped to 1-2 feedings at night. When we put her in the nicely absorbing diapers, she started sleeping through the night. 10pm to 5:30am. So for now, we get a much sleeping baby.