May 28th, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper


The weekend started a little early. Jen went up to my mom and dad's to stay overnight and get the grandparents a first class baby visit. Meanwhile, for our anniversary, Jen bought me a banjo lesson. The lesson went so-so. My style is so different from his that it wound up interesting, but also very frustrating.

Friday at work was essentially a holiday. Most of the building was away.

What did I do Saturday? I'm sure that I did something useful.

On Sunday, I put in a new ceiling fan in the bedroom. This one is larger than the last one, properly balanced, and doesn't make horrendous noises. It is nice actually getting real air movement at night without the womp-womps. it only took me five months after buying it to install it. :P That doesn't mean it hasn't been useful. The box has been my bedside table. It's a danged useful place to put the laptop on top of.

We hung out with Phil and Liz on Sunday night, along with a few of their friends. The fun included fresh home-made strawberry ice cream.

Today, we start teaching the baby how to put herself to sleep. Step one involves letting her cry herself out in the crib.