May 2nd, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Sold a Laptop

I sold off a laptop yesterday. Yay. A co-worker bought it. That's $300 towards the MacBook payments.

I did my first solo night with Joy. Jen went off to potluck. Joy and I hung out at the house. The little pig went through two bottles (8 oz) of milk. She pretty much nibbled on-and-off.

I wrapped up the night with more XCom. I'm in the middle of my first terror raid. I had forgotten how difficult this can be, even on easy level. In some ways, this early terror mission is harder, as most of my opponents have mind control powers. Eeek. Brutal.

When I first played XCom back in '93, it was a game that I kept losing alot. The game kicked my ass. I had to learn how to play a ground combat simulator. Even on easy mode, it is easy for your team to get chewed up and spit out.

When the window is open, the cat can hear us on the shed roof. He has learned that he can hop onto the shed room and meow at us, and we'll hear him. Clever cat.

Did I beam in pride at my kitty? I found the chewed-off head of a rabbit in the yard. My guy killed a juvenile bunny. I just love it when he kills things. Good kitty!