March 21st, 2007

Macbeth the Usurper

Rare Work Headsmack

We've gotten word at work that the "Great Office Shuffle" will soon begin. What this means is that I may get back to work and be unable to find my desk.

Well, most of us had bet that the current office was "too good to be true." Call us cynical.

The good news is that the building people plan to put a straight corridor where there is currently no straight corridor. Yay. They also plan to put us into a space which won't be in a main traffic area. Yay.

As for what the final space looks likes, we can only guess. We hope it serves our needs corectly.
Macbeth the Usurper


A bit of non-spoilerish BSG.

I like where the show has gone this half of the season. (The stand alone episodes tended to be lackluster. This show really shines best the characters all get going in their own worldviews.)

I may have to admit that my Starbuck prediction was wrong. The theory was sound, but there's only so many different pieces in a chess game.

I have avoided most, if not all, spoilers and message boards for the show. I genuinely want NO HINT of what is coming next. I've enjoyed the ride. Nor do I want to adopt the attitude of others. I still want it that way. I want to hit the end of next season with all its surprises still in tact.