November 17th, 2006

Macbeth the Usurper


We have a weekend coming up. Yay.

I now know how I interpret the election. To me, it was a referendum on single-party government. The people saw how single party government worked, and they soundly rejected the experiment. "Oversight" and "accountability" are very important to the American people.

I firmly believe that the America that voted for Ronald Reagan; that wanted smaller government; that wanted less taxes; that wanted a strong defense is still alive and well, and still wants those things. We are already seeing the Republican party fall back to this position. The Neocon experiment has been voted a failure. I am not sure that the Republican can recover for the next presidential election, but they sure can rebuild this platform for 2012.

The Republican do have a chance in the next election, I think, if they throw off their damned cowardly advisors and talk frankly to the American people, and actually propose general plans for reform and realistic timetables. Americans, especially the heartland, greatly appreciate plain talk. As I see it, they have nothing to lose by talking plainly and pointing out the difficulties. It's the Democrats who need to watch what they say. They have something to lose.

I think the best way for the Democrats to lose the next White House is to nominate a Clinton.