October 19th, 2006

Macbeth the Usurper


I've made good progress on the Quest pictures. I hope to start shoving them up to LJ tonight.

I still need to go back over the existing pics and see if there are any more acceptable ones.

There is one picture where I was able to take out some red, leaving a woman looking pale, and brighten up the yellow. It's an EEEVIL picture. The bright gold against a woman in black already had the pic 90% of the way there. I just had to remove a bit to help nature out.
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Macbeth the Usurper

Democratic Pitch

With the elections coming up, the Democratic pitch is, "We need to raise money to counter all the money to stop all the money that GB is pumping into Maryland. We've got to stop the Republicans."

Is that it? What f**** monkey on crack did you hire as your pitch man? OMFG, that's like selling cold, dead fish so that they don't stink tomorrow. C'mon people, is it that hard to find a poet or songwriter who can put powerful ideas into short sentences?

An IDIOT could put together a better Democratic pitch. "We need to save the democratic values of America. We need people in the government who will enforce open and impartial elections, enforce the Bill of Rights, oversee the operations of the Executive branch, stop the rampant spending, and stand against torture, secret prisons, secret laws, unfair trials, and the good-old-boy network."

The Republican pitch is equally pathetic. "If the Dems get into power, they will be out-of-control and they'll ruin the country," and "Democrats are soft on terrorists." The party of ideas must have writer's block.