September 3rd, 2006

Macbeth the Usurper


I did a long stint on the DnD Wiki fixing categories. Not nearly done.

I finally fixed the leaky AC runoff pipe in the basement, I changed most of it out. Just my bad luck, where the 3/4 inch pipe joined the other 3/4 pipe, I had a tolerance problem. The old 3/4 pipe was a tad too big. Maybe .1 mm too big. After lots of sanding and filing, I made it fit. I tested it today. No leaks. Yay.

Now to get the humidifier fixed, get the furnace its yearly maintennance, and mabye clean the vents. If we get the basement worked on, it may be better to get the vents cleaned last.

I picked up more propane for the grill. We've been out since my birthday party. I also cleaned the grill. Ewww. That's all you need to know.